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I spoke to Verizon about Bundling with Direct TV, Verizon set up their part & then connected me with a Direct TV Rep, as i was speaking to the Rep they said well you can do our package & I said no I want to bundled with Verizon it is a big savings for me, so ok, the Direct TV Rep said to me everything was set, so I called Verizon back & let them know it was ok, that the direct TV Rep explained to me that it would be about a month before it would be on 1 bill with Verizon & I did everything I was suppose, but low & behold, here ate pohone calls coming in from Direct TV stating I did not pay my bill & I explain to them I did to Verizon, the Rep said oh no you are suppose to pay to uus, well to make a long story short they cut of my service, when I tried to call them, the automated service that I can not speak to anyone until I pay my bill, so today I receive a bill in the mail for 574.30 for early termination, So then there was finally a # on a the bill to speak to a Rep, I told her just send me a shipping kit, because I have had enough I am reporting you to BBB & I did do that as soon as I hung up with the Rep. Direct TV are scam artist they have over 25, 279 complaints againts them, go figure.

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