Direct TV dropped channels that I like without explanation and proper notification except a notification across the bottom of the screen for one day. The notification to call in was a waste of time since the decision evidently was already made to drop the channels.

I am paying for the channels that were dropped and expect since they were on the list when I signed up that my bill will be lowered considerably to compensate for the loss.If this is a greed play between Direct TV and the dropped channels that's not my problem.

Guess what ? If my bill is not lowered I will drop Direct TV !!

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maybe you should read your customer agreement before complaining, it cleary states programming is subject to changes and never guaranteed, DTV never guaranteed you that you would always get the same channels, what world do you live in. Do you enjoy price hikes, do you enjoy overpaying for entertainment?

go ahead and switch providers, they will soon be going thru contract negotiations soon as well. Drop DTV, they dont need cry baby customers like you anyways


Viacom made them...... you people dont understand Direct tv is NOT the problem!

we should nbe mad at Viacom not our network provider.... they're trying to help us... so if you want your shows so badly then you will have to pay 30% more on your bill.... the CEO of Direct tv is trying to make a deal with Viacom so we could have the channels we love for a reasonable price!

if you dont believe me go to the channel of MTV and on the bottem of the show for the guide it will say IMPORTANT NEWS ABOUT MTV.

and listen to what he has to say........ Direvt tv is the enemy NOT Viacom!

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